How do you put finance in a sentence?

She is an expert in finance. Funding for education comes from taxpayers.

How do you put finance in a sentence?

She is an expert in finance. Funding for education comes from taxpayers. The problem of finance continues to exist. To pay for something or provide monetary support Examples of finance in a sentence.

In 1864 he was appointed, by Sella, general secretary of finance, and after being appointed senator in 1865, he acquired considerable fame as a financial authority. The Senate, which exercises most of the executive power, is composed of eighteen members, half of whom must have studied law or finance, while at least seven of the rest must belong to the merchant class. The finance minister had to present the common budget to them, but they could not collect money or vote on taxes; after having approved the budget, the required money had to be provided by separate parliaments. The official receiver must inform the Finance Section of the date of any annulment order made and enter the date of the annulment order made and enter the date of the annulment in the LOIS.

Bond funding: It is unlikely to be used for a seabed observatory network project given its small size. The result was that financial capital came to control the growth potential and the renewal of existing share capital. The real center of finance was the Fiscus or imperial treasury, which was under the exclusive control of the ruler (``res, says Ulpian, quasi propriae et privatae principis sunt), and was managed by officials of his household. Annam is governed in theory by its emperor, assisted by the comat or secret council, composed of the heads of the six ministerial departments of interior, finance, war, ritual, justice and public works, who are appointed by himself.

In administrative details, it is assisted by the Council of India, an advisory body, with special control over finances. A few years later Sagasta appointed him finance minister under the regency of Queen Cristina, but he had to sacrifice him when public opinion spoke very clearly against his overly radical financial reforms and his severity in tax collection. In 1869 he became secretary of the joint departments of the interior and finance, and for the next fourteen years he devoted himself entirely to politics. The domestic company continues to have strong operating cash flow that helps fund Dairy Crest's growth aspirations.

He was Minister of Finance in Sonnino's first cabinet in 1906 and Minister of the Treasury in the second (1909-). In the financial administration, in addition to the aforementioned remission of arrears, a review of claims was ordered every fifteen years, thus anticipating accusations (see Schedule; Timeline). Quesnay died on December 16, 1774, having lived long enough to see his great student, Turgot, in the position of finance minister. Administrative law, including urban and rural local government regulation, state and local taxes and finances, education, public works, alcohol trafficking, vaccination, adulteration, charities, nursing homes, prisons, mine and factory inspection, general laws related to corporations, railroads, work questions.

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